Tristan Pope is an Emmy-Award winning director and photographer in New York City. His recent festival-bound short films “Romance in NYC” and “Dancers of New York”, have demonstrated his work as an innovative cinematographer/director.   Sought after as a speaker/presenter at Apple Stores as well as the Toronto International film festival, Pope is thrilled to be able to share his creative vision with an increasingly widespread audience.

Perhaps his creative cinematic fire erupted during his tenure at Blizzard Entertainment, when he was a substantial part of the team awarded an Emmy for the South park episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft” (his efforts included multiple trailers, cinematics, commercials, behind-the-scenes DVDS, and post-production).

While Tristan loves cinematography and directing, he is equally driven by photography.  Visit his website for multiple examples of seeing the breathless beauty of people, strength, dance — when put on film by a photographer whose every click screams passion.

When not working on the above Tristan can be found coaching actors in preparation for their next audition, college application, or current role. He also works with companies to help define their brand and connect with other businesses in the industry to ensure complete brand recognition. This makes Tristan an excellent addition to any team!

Feel free to contact him!