In Motion Headshots/Reels

As a director I am handed a lot of headshots. I look at them for about 3 seconds and if I think they have the look for the part I immediately search for a reel, I want to see them in motion. In a word imbued with Photoshop, nothing tells me more about someone before I meet them than film! It gives me a quick idea of their expressions, personalities, and capabilities as performers.

Some very talented people don’t have reels for one reason or another, be it cost, inability to make one, or just not having done enough work on film yet.

Those with the reel stand out from the crowd.

The same applies for my dance photography, I want to see the person in motion. A picture can only capture the peak of a move, but not the form, positioning, and technique leading up to it. All of these are extremely important for those trying to get cast in their next performance!

My goal is to give people the opportunity to get an accurate and affordable portrayal of them, in motion, be it a montage of their personalities as actors or their technique as a performer! The idea here is to bypass the need to be in hundreds of performances, waiting for those performances to be released so you can add them to your reel(that you may not be equipped to do) by creating a quick moving image of you, in an extremely timely manner, but with the quality of a leading performance!

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Playlist for In Motion Reels from the Dancers Of Series: