Mission Statement


Let me tell you a little bit about my mission:

I believe in one thing with all of my heart: passion. If I do not have passion for what I do I do not succeed. Just as importantly, I believe in happiness. This is what I strive for, first and foremost, in everything I do. I wake up everyday and do at least ONE thing I love.

My intent with photography is to capture what stands out in my subjects as beauty. When I shoot my camera I expect everyone to see what I just saw, in my eye and in my mind’s eye. Each picture should have emotion. To combine motion, strength, glamour, and fashion into one picture is my goal.

I have always believed that beauty is internal:

Passion, character, and hard work. This all equates to natural beauty, something overlooked too much in a Photoshop-imbued world.

As said by Dani Chase in an Interview: Full Article here!

“Will you elongate my neck?” “Can you airbrush my abs?” “Will you make my thighs skinnier?”
Requests like these are typically granted in the modeling world. The industry has little patience for “imperfection.” But Tristan Pope says no.
In his opinion, that means Photoshopping out the details that make a person unique, beautiful. He says his business model is “to shoot people for who they are.” So, after countless experiences with shady talent agencies and too much time spent wondering if he was somehow a part of the problem, he left.
Manipulations vs Lighting and Color

I like to embrace current technologies available in order to, ironically, create a timeless feel, but I do not believe in creating something fake. We all have flaws that make us unique. It isn’t about focusing on it, but embracing and being comfortable with them as the beauty that is humanity.

99% of my work is photoshop free. 

  • I do not manipulate your anatomy
  • I do not retouch your skin to be porcelain
  • I do not make your eyes alien colors
  • I do not “Just fix it in post” *


  • Use lighting to create a beautiful visual experience for your photos
  • Color correct images to enhance the feeling of the moment
  • Remove a blemish or two as that is not indicative of your everyday(sometimes your cat scratches you!)
  • I make sure with all the above and proper lighting and direction we get shots straight out of camera that do not need to be “fixed in post” with my close attention to detail! (like those pesky hairbands on your wrist!)

To see a person in the lighting of the room and then have the flashes go off around you and the camera screen light up with the image you just took now in the form of a magical mystical environment you created is so fulfilling. It takes my breath away everytime and puts a smile on my face. But nothing compares to when I get to show it to the person I am shooting and they can see this world they are standing in but looking completely different because of what you can do with the magic of lighting.

So come play with the most natural tool since the beginning of time, LIGHT.

Let’s get creative!

It is an interactive experience!

I find the interaction and the interplay to be very fulfilling for both myself and for the model. It’s a two-way street. I love feedback and input. I think photography is a very interactive environment.

Working with people and having them open up to me and an open space that is both scary and exhilarating is why I shoot; it is why I am a photographer (and a director). It is that interaction that makes it fun. It is that hour of makeup and first look where I am more interested in getting to know you so I can capture that moment, on that day, of who you are, that excites me. It is challenging and invigorating.

Mixing and Matching

My passion is to combine glamour and fashion with the strength and movement of dance in my work. I find the dance world to be invigorating; a refreshing way to push the human body to its limit, and in doing so, demonstrate the real life use, the story line, and the imaginative engagement of the perfect clothing line.

For me, the juxtaposition of the absolutely magical beauty of a ballerina’s form and technique with style and fashion and trends produces a beautiful result that caters to a broader and potentially deeper audience.

As mass media begins to shift from skinny to strength, which I think is a wonderful shift, I want to be on the front lines when the combination of the most elegant dress makes it’s way down the runway but with the combined perfected leap of a ballerina.

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