When Summer is coming to an end on the first of September, what is better than Dance and the Beach. With that I give you:


A Tristan Pope Photgraphy Film

Shot on iPhone 6

Dancers of California:
Katie Lupke
Chelsea Zeffiro
Steph Amurao
Aaron Carr
Ariana Estelle Dewing
Emma Victoria Dewing

Music(rights obtained by Elliot Berger and Laura Brehm):
Elliot Berger – Diamond Sky ft. Laura Brehm

Other iPhone 6 Dance Films:
Dancers of NYC: http://vimeo.com/107617949

Dancers of Zurich: http://vimeo.com/130701787

Snowday: http://vimeo.com/121086993

Holly Laroche – In Motion: http://vimeo.com/129973515