I have been given a wonderful opportunity to be a Guest Speaker at the TIFF Next Wave.



“Join Emmy-Award winning photographer and director Tristan Pope as he shares tips for capturing intimate moments and creating professional-looking films on your iPhone or mobile device. Tristan will discuss how he shot two pieces—”Dancers of NYC” and “Romance in NYC“—completely on iPhone 6. He’ll also talk about what makes him passionate about his work and share exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of his latest film, while sharing tips and tricks to creating beautiful moments via film on a limited budget.”

When I started creating films with the iPhone my intent was to show how anyone with a camera phone these days can capture the most intimate moments beautifully! This was the mission statement for my Kickstarter for Romance in NYC.

I look forward to sharing tips and tricks as well as speaking with these up and coming film makers about the process, industry, and hear their thoughts on the mobile sphere as they are tied into the heartbeat of this new revolution of how film and productions can be achieved!

Remember to tag @tristanpope if you take any photos during the presentation! 🙂