Behind the Buzzer

I am beginning a new series that I would love for you to be a part of called “Behind the Buzzer” (title pending)

NYC apartments while small always tell a great story. But better than that, they create an awesome canvas for the person living in them. The nature of the size always leads to a very personalized feel of the persons home. It forces you to get creative to let your personality shine via colors, textures, paintings, or how you turn such a small space into an inviting home, an extension of our busy days, or a place to relax after the grind. Even the lack of decoration and a stark space tell a story.


I am roaming NYC in between my studio sessions and would like to capture you in your space.

So my New York friends if you are interested in someone invading your space, my goal is to ask you the questions you probably have been avoiding, to listen and capture you raw and unchained. The combination of pictures and a little back story on you behind your buzzer, make a great tale. No shoes? No problem. No pants, whatever! Must love dogs? Kick ass! IT IS YOUR PLACE! Your Rules! Contact me, I will come over, and we will get creative!

But Tristan how are you going to capture who I am in a few hours!?

Who you are can be found in a micro expression, a story you tell with your eyes, getting lost in an idea, combined with things you don’t say, the clothes you own, the way you decorate.

Why can I capture these moments?

Here, some blunt truth for you about me to let you know how we will capture this together and why I will see you for who you are regardless of if you can tell me or not:

I often use these skills in the moments leading up to capturing a final product in-between makeup sessions and clicking the shutter, getting to know someone quickly and effectively. But, I want to use it here for a capture. A frozen moment. Make the in-between moments the actual showcase.

So let’s get raw! Let’s let it all hang out! Unedited, filled with life. Let’s get out of the comfort zone while being in your comfort zone! Walk me through a day in your life behind the buzzer!