I tickled you.. You laughed… then you snorted… then you punched me.. then I rolled over onto you and we kissed.
It was cute, wish you were there…

There is no one way to define love, so I am shooting all the ways that love can be interpreted in my new series “Love is not enough”

No crazy photoshop, no crazy lighting, no special effects, just using the world around us to tell the story of Romance. I want to shoot this with many different people.

Not just the journey of a couple on their romantic getaways to tropical places, but the lazy afternoons in the city that never sleeps with each and everyone one of you. The overlooked trips to the grocery store. The Netflix binges. Waking up to you with the smell of fresh brewed coffee.

The way we date these day, swiping to the next, skipping the present… this series is depicting the sporadic & inconsistent nature of online dating. We are always exposed to a new person in our dating life, but never actually take the time to form a connection because of the distractions of the next “match”. So why not save those first memories? Love isn’t defined as kisses and roses, it can be the simple smile you give a friend or the conversation about your day.

So share 24 hours with me and let’s see what “memories” we can create!