This is the beginning of a new series called “Handheld Storytelling” brought to you by Tristan Pope Photography:

In this episode we look at the top 3 Handheld Electronic 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizers for Smartphones!

Shown in this video are:
Ikan Fly X3 Plus 3:20
Pros: Gun handle Grip, Carrying Case, Large Battery, Good Feedback in the handle, Padding for the phone.
Cons: Has trouble with any attachments with the supplied counterbalance using the iPhone 6S and cannot balance the iPhone 6S PLUS with supplied balance with any attachments, often fails out of balance with quick motions or randomly when the gears lock up. Loud operating noise. Pretty rugged, but seems the gears get a louder the longer you have it. Only one button operation On and Off no extra tilt or pan features.

Feiyu Tech G4 8:48
Pros: Very small, solid build, upside down filming, extendable battery and extension rods, can hold attachments placed on the iPhone 6S, very strong motor for fast and quick motions.
Cons: Only one button operation, no tilt up or tilt down features. Can only hold the iPhone 6S. The gears seem to struggle the more extensions you place on the rig, which will shake your phone and footage.

Zhiyun Z1-Smooth 15:50
Pros: Strongest motor of the three, can have a ton of additional weight added to the provided counterbalance to balance an iPhone 6S plus with ANY attachments(which means the iPhone 6S can add even more, Easy upside down shooting without the need to set a mode for it, Additional panning and tilting via a 3 button system, strong clamp to hold your phone in place, Solid build, extendable battery and extension rods available, as well as a bluetooth remote! Silent operation.
Cons: None, this one truly has it all feature wise.

Prices have changed since this video was made: the Zhiyun and Feiyu Tech are 50+$ cheaper than the Ikan now.

Stay tuned for more episodes, if you would like us to review your equipment please contact [email protected]!

Shot by App Develope George Spyros using Filmakr:
Shot on iPhones utilizing the beastgrip and the stabilizers.