What we found when shooting this film was that the process of making the film was almost as exciting as the film itself. We wanted to share that with you.

So please enjoy an Exclusive Behind the Scenes look into the process of shooting an intimate and candid story about everyday love, shot entirely on the iPhone 6 to capture even the tiniest nuances of

“Romance in NYC”



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In 2015, it’s no longer uncommon for filmmakers to use smartphones instead of film cameras. Still, only over the past few years has the quality of the cameras, lenses and app software become so impressive that phones can be used to capture DSLR-quality cinematic moments.

Filmmaker and photographer Tristan Pope is one of these artists — and he used the new iPhone 6 to do the job.

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If you still needed convincing that smartphone cameras are more than capable of professional results, “Romance in NYC” may do the trick. Shot not only entirely from the a single character’s point of view, but using nothing more than an iPhone 6 and a selection of apps and accessories, the 15 minute short was crowdfunded on Kickstarter in late 2014 and is now making the rounds of the festival circuit. I caught up with director Tristan Pope to find out what made him put down his pro-camera kit for a smartphone, how the iPhone 6 delivered in unexpected ways, and why he ended up wearing a GorillaPod like a Hannibal Lecter mask.

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This Emmy Award-winning director and photographer shot his latest film, “Romance in NYC” on an iPhone 6. In this guest post, he explains why and how he did it.

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I love my iPhone 6+, and have been shooting, editing, and publishing lots of glorious video with it, on the road.

I really enjoyed seeing Tristan Pope‘s behind-the-scenes exploration of how “Romance in NYC” came to be. “The iPhone has limitations,” he says “but the limitations themselves spur creativity.” Couldn’t agree more.

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Romance in New York, by filmmaker Tristan Pope, takes the point of view of a boyfriend waking up to spend the day with the love of his life. Pope wanted to show the intimacy that comes from everyday moments, and the subtleties and nuances that exist in every expression and every action, even the ones that might seem small. What’s more — he shot the entire 15-minute film on theiPhone 6.

Romance in New York will be showcased at film festivals around the word. Check out the trailer, above, and the behind-the-scenes video below. Maybe, like me, it’ll inspire you to stretch the limits of your own iPhone videos.

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a New York City photographer and director is delivering a short film on capturing love in the Big Apple with nothing but an iPhone 6.

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Well, what a coincidence, and just in time for Valentine’s Day! This behind-the-scenes making-of movie of Tristan Pope’s new 15 minute short film, ‘Romance In New York’, was posted online literally a few hours before I sat down at my desk, bleary-eyed, to write my previous post..

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