“Snowday” was inspired by a yearning to prove that you didn’t need a specific DSLR with the perfect 50mm lens @ 1.4 F stop to make a compelling piece. To combine motion, strength, glamour, and fashion into one piece is my goal with photography and film. So I wanted to create something that smells and tasted like a fashion film but ended up surprising you.

The keyword to describe this piece to me would be endurance. This is why I wanted to do it in the snow. To show that no matter what the situation the passion was there.

For me, the juxtaposition of the absolutely magical beauty of a ballerina’s form and technique with style and fashion and trends produces a beautiful result that caters to a broader and potentially deeper audience.

This is the result. The music came as a surprise to me and a lot of the “feelings” were motivated by the environment and events. The tone of the musical piece and words almost added an uneasy feel to it, which I enjoyed very much.

Tip for shooting in the snow with an iPhone: bring a battery backup and hand warmer not for you but the phone. Rubber band it to the back. We lost power and battery 3 times due to a cold battery.

Old school meets new: We used the Olloclip lenses in a way that mimicked the old school method of spreading Vaseline around the edges of a lens. We didn’t attach it completely over the lens so the edges would grab condensation from the cold weather giving the lens that tilt-shift blur around the edges.

Equipment used:
‪#‎Olloclip‬ Lens Attachments
Fly X3 Plus Ikan Stabilizer
Anker battery pack

Dancer: Brittney Cavaco (who was an absolute beast in this weather)
Assistant: Rita Wade
Location: Highline NYC
Music: Lana Del Ray “Young and Beautiful”