Tristan Pope Photography took to the skies over NYC with the iPhone 6S + to get some of the first 4K aerial footage via an amazing company called #FlyNyon. They fly open door helicopters directly over some of the most amazing sights NYC has to offer, deemed as “the Ultimate Photo Experience”. And it truly is! See what it is like to #FlyNyon and how our different gear holds up against the extreme conditions! Will the screen break? lol

All aerial shots are in Native 4k on the iPhone 6S+
All Behind the Scenes are in 1080p on the iPhone 6+
Footage rendered at 4K
No color correction was applied so you can see what the 4K on the iPhone 6S+ can do over NYC!

Check out our adventure!
Miss the prep and behind the scenes of part 1? Check it out here:

Equipment used:
iPhone 6S +
iPhone 6 +
Moment Lens
Blackwing handle
Reticam Mount
Z1-Smooth Stabilizer
Zoom iQ5 Lightning Adapter Mic
Shit tons of Gaff tape
and a lot of tethers!

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